Sunday, September 9, 2007

What The Heck This Is All About


This is my blog about wining and dining fearlessly. I want to show the world (especially the just-out-of-college working stiffs like myself) that cooking isn't scary. In fact, it's really fun. I hope to update the blog at least weekly, showing you how to make great meals at home, even without any planning at all.

Here's the fun part: everything I'll cook and write about here, I'll be cooking for the first time - no planning allowed. I'll basically walk into the store, grab some good-looking ingredients, and put it all together. I'll let you know how I think it turned out, and hopefully you'll give it a whirl and let me know how your version came together. If you know the basics of cooking techniques, and the basics of flavor combinations, 95% of the time, your meal will come out delicious. And if doesn't? Well, that's why they invented take-out.

I hope everyone can find as much joy in whipping up yummy stuff at home as I do. Thanks for reading, and I'll post my first meal soon - keep your eyes peeled!

- Elizabeth
AKA The Fearless Cook

1 comment:

jesse said...

Make a lot of mashed patato things. please.

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