Thursday, September 27, 2007

Some New Discoveries

One of the perks of working at Energy is we have this Wellness and Health Seminar series, where guests come in and talk about different health topics over a very healthy lunch. (We also have an office manicurist and massage therapist - we're spoiled.)

Chef Jill Houk came in yesterday, and it turns out she's kinda famous! You can watch videos of her cooking online. She was a great speaker - she knew her stuff, and she was an advocate of moderation, which is nice. Some of the speakers advocate lifestyles that are just unrealistic (i.e., never eating sugar -EVER). I was just so charmed by her knowledge and positivity that I wanted to give her some more cyberspace. Watch Chef Jill cook up some great game day vittles!

Also, my pal Colleen sent me this link to a movie trailer. It's called "How to Cook Your Life," and it's all about the zen of cooking and eating. It looks karma-tastic!

And on my current food-related-book wish list:

Eat Pray Love. A nonfiction book about a woman's travels across several continents in search of, what else, herself.

The Improvisational Cook. That's how I cook! This book is gorgeous and truly creative. Mom, if you're reading this while simultaneously writing my Christmas list, take note!

And because I work in advertising, and just because it's too creepy to pass up, get a load of this baby:

Keep your eyes peeled for another post after this weekend. Later dudes.

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