Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Unstoppable Cherry Almond Cobbler

Did the fact that it was just little ol' me, home alone on a humdrum Wednesday night, stop me?

Did the fact that it's - hello - bikini season stop me?

Did the fact that I had to pit 2 pounds of cherries without one of those snazzy cherry-pitter-things, or the fact that my kitchen was destined to look like an SVU murder scene, or my sheer post-work exhaustion stop me?

No! No, my friends. This is the Cherry Almond Cobbler That Would Not Be Stopped.

And that's why you love me. (Full disclosure: the hole in the above photo was taken before I came back for the second round.

Ever since cherry season arrived, I've been preoccupied with baking a cherry...something. I was all set to make a pie tonight when I realized that I left my rolling pin at Jess' house, after a night of grilled pizza (it was so good the first time, we just had to do it again) - um, who leaves their rolling pin at their friends' house?!? (Dear Elizabeth, GET A LIFE.)

But not to worry - there's more than one way to skin a cat, and there's more than one way to top some baked cherries. A quick Google search yielded a cherry cobbler recipe from my own personal American (Natural Cooking) Idol, Heidi Swanson ("American Natural Cooking Idol" would make for a much less entertaining show, although I think it could do wonders for the obesity epidemic).

I won't belabor this post with reprinting her recipe - you can find it here. My only changes were to substitute light sour cream for the buttermilk (only because I knew I'd use the sour cream again, and I'd never use the buttermilk); I used all-purpose flour instead of whole wheat (didn't have any WW on hand), and I used plain old flour instead of corn starch to toss with the cherries. Also, Heidi mixed her nuts in with the dough, and I sprinkled my sliced almonds on top.

I don't even know what to say about this cobbler, except that it was amazing. The cherries could not have been fresher or more delicious, the recipe was perfect, and I enjoyed it sitting on my porch with a glass of white wine. Life is just a bowl of...well, you know.

Thanks for reading! More soon...

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