Sunday, October 14, 2007

To Market, To Market

Finally! I made it to the Chicago Green City Market in Lincoln Park, and it was everything I hoped it would be. I met my friend Colleen, and we poked around, ate free samples, and bought some great food. (And I got some great pics!) I discovered vegetables I'd never seen before, and I got some face time with local farmers. It was a foodie's dream come true.

My pal Colleen came with me, and we wandered through a beautiful garden of food! This is her checking out a sweet potato.

Look at this weird little guy!

And check this batch of really fungis:

And the Award for the Freakiest Farmer's Market Veggie goes to...The Gooseneck Squash!

It was such a great trip. It was stimulation for all the senses! I ended up buying a whole chicken (more on that later, when I post those pics with the recipe I made from my farmer's market treasures), several kinds of squash, some leeks, and some incredible pears. I could literally spend hours there, just looking around.

Thanks for reading, and keep your eyes peeled for the Roasted Chicken post! (A girl's only got so many hours in a day, you know.)

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